Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My First Time: At The Gym

The whole message behind today's blog is " if I can do it, you can too" 
(so inspiring, I know) but seriously hear me out...

In 2016, after turning 25 I decided that it was time to make my health and fitness a priority before it's too late and I hit the dreaded age of 30! (Now, I'm not saying that once you're over 30 your done for and you won't be able to get into shape because it's never too late! But, for me personally, I know that if it's not something I have achieved by the time I'm 30, then it's highly unlikely that I will ever do it!) So I took the bold decision to join a gym... Something which in fact terrified me at even the mear thought of even doing so. However I but the bullet and decided to go for a tour around a new gym that had recently opened nearby. 

I was given a 1 to 1 guided tour of the whole gym and all of its facilities and then I was given some information on memberships and classes to take away with me. As the gym had only been open for a couple of days when I went for my tour it was relatively empty with only a couple off people working out, but I knew like all gyms it would I my be as matter of time until more people started joining and it would be busy, like any other gym. - I said that like I actually knew what a gym would be like,  but back then I really didn't have a clue. In actual fact, my tour was the first time I've ever stepped foot into an actual gym, but realistically I knew the gym would have more than 3 people in on as normal day once the gym had been open a couple of weeks\months. I then went away with all the information in hand to digest my options. 

However my preconceived perceptions, fears and anxiety of what attending the gym would be like delayed my decision to join the gym. As I  was afraid of looking out of place and that people would be judging me by my appearance and my fitness level - or should I say lack of fitness!! 

A few months later I finally plucked up the courage to sign up to the gym for a membership! I'd done it, i'd taken the first step and had a date set for my induction! 

The first time you step foot Into a gym can be very intimidating;
There are muscle men making the odd grunting noise,  dropping weights on the floor and looking very intense with their facial expressions. 
There are women in fantastic shape. Their hair looks great, even if they just threw it up in a ponytail, they're not breaking a sweat and they seem to know what they are doing. It's all very overwelming. 

Now here you are - new to the gym, lost and not quite sure what each machine does. DON'T PANIC! When you join a gym, you will first have to have an induction where a PT (personal Trainer) will ask you what kind things you would like to do at the gym and they will then show you the ropes accordingly as well as filling you in on any health and safety points, before you are left to your own devices reassured that they will be on the gym floor should you need any further assistance or wish to sign up for personal training sessions.

As for my initial trepidation, the truth is: everybody else is also self-conscious of how they look in the gym. You are not alone and honestly,  they’re wayyyy too concerned with how they look in a mirror to even notice you;

That dude who is super jacked? He’s looking in the mirror wondering why he’s not as big as that other guy.
That woman on the treadmill? She wishes she was confident enough to go to the free weights section!
That guy running sprints? He’s praying the girl next to him won’t notice the sweat pool forming in the back of his shirt.
And that woman?  She’s just as self conscious too.

So seriously, if you want to join a gym but you've been putting it off because like me you've been too afraird, please don't! 

I promise you it really isn't that bad! It may feel a little strange for the first couple of weeks whilst you adjust to the routein of actually attending the gym, but I promise you after a few weeks it will feel like you've always done it and you will feel like you belong in a gym! 

As i said at the beginning; if I can do it, you can too! 


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