Monday, 4 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Happy New year everyone, I really hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year and I'm so glad to be back blogging after my short break and have lots of ideas for upcoming blog posts!

DISCLAIMER: Before we get started I am not posting this blog in anyway to brag or gloat about what I received this year from my family Christmas, I just enjoy reading other people's blog's about what I got for Christmas and watching them on YouTube so I wanted to write one about what I got.

So this year for Christmas I feel like I was spoilt, I got so many lovely gifts!

As you can see from the above photograph, I got quite a lot of different things, the most noticeable one being smack bang right in the middle, a stand mixer, to go with my mixer I also got a matching blue stoneware mixing bowl and a cute little apron adorned in cupcake illustrations. I also got some beauty items, such as some Hugo Boss perfume, Lavender hand cream in a cute purple owl pot, some Clinique take the day off cleansing balm, a no7 illuminating stand mirror and a Real Techniques bold metals brush gift set (I've been eyeing the bold metals brushes up ever since they were realised and now I finally have some, I cannot wait to start using them! There so so pretty!) I then also got a lot of Project Life scrapbooking things - but I will be posting a blog sometime soon all about scrap booking, so I will go more into depth about that at a later date so if you're interested keep a look out for that post!

My main and biggest present was this lovely Kenwood Patisserie Mixer, which I absolutely adore, I love the beautiful shade of blue and I think it's very retro looking - LOVE IT and I cannot wait to start using it!

As I said at the beginning I will be posing a blog very soon all about scrap booking and project life, but I just wanted to do a close up and briefly explain what's there. So I got a 12x12 Project life binder with beautiful rose gold polka dots on, I also got the everyday project life core kit, along with two project life value kits. I then also got three different types of project life wallets and some fine liners which will be perfect for journaling!


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