Christmas Eve Traditions

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Everyone has different traditions and celebrates in different ways, but for me Christmas Eve is all about wearing a Christmas jumper, watching Christmas movies and baking cakes, ready for Christmas Day. Every year I bake a two carrot cakes - one I gift to my in-laws and the other I keep for my family on Christmas day! As well as making two carrot cakes I also like to make another cake, pastry. This year I chose to make miniature banoffee pies.

How do you celebrate Christmas Eve? I'd love to hear what you get up to in the comments!

I will be taking a break from blogging over this Christmas period and will be returning on 4th January 2016! So in the mean time I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

My Favoruite Christmas Movies

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

1. Bad Santa
2. Elf
3. The Grinch That Stole Christmas
4. The Santa Clause
5. The Santa Caluse 2
6. The Santa Clause 3: Escape The Clause
7.Fred Claus
8. Muppets Christmas Carol
9. The Nativity
10. Father Christmas
11. The Snowman
12. Snowman & the snow dog
13. Polar express

Home Decor

DIY - Christmas Potpourri

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

At this time of year garden centres are filled with the amazing smell of CHRISTMAS which comes from the AMAZING smelling potpourri, however it can be a little on the pricey side! So I have created a way to make your own at home!

The most important thing to remember when making potpourri is the appeal not only lies in its pleasant scent but also the array of colours and textures it holds. Potpourri can really brighten up a table placed in a pretty bowl, and it also makes a pretty seasonal gift for family and friends.

Here's what I put in mine;
·      Dried orange slices
·      Dried apple slices
·      Whole nuts (with shells)
·      Cinnamon sticks
·      Whole cloves
·      Juniper berries
·      Dried rosehips
·      Bay leaves
·      Pine Cones
·         Essential oils - clove, cinnamon, orange, pine and cedar wood are all great together!

When putting it all together I just eyeball it, adding lots of bigger items such as pine cones, cinnamon sticks and the dried fruit slices and then I add small handfuls of the smaller items to add more texture and colour - cloves, berries, nuts, and bay leaves to add a bit of greenery. I put all of this into a jar and then sprinkle over the essential oils until I get the scent I want, each time after adding oil I gently stake the jar so that the oil spreads throughout. Once happy with the smell of the potpourri it's ready to place into a bowl as a table centre piece or package up as a gift!

Home Decor

Drying Oranges For Christmas

Thursday, December 10, 2015

  1. Carefully slice your oranges width ways, allowing up to around 1cm in width for each slice.
  2. Take each slice and place it onto a paper towel and then place another paper towel on top to soak up any juices.
  3.   Remove the paper towel after 10 minuets and repeat the process putting the oranges between clean paper towel sheets.
  4. You’re then ready to get baking! Place your oranges slices on a tray and place in the oven on it's lowest setting - around 70 degrees C and leave in the oven to dry out for around 3-4 hours, turning with a spatula every hour to make sure that the orange slices completely dry out on both sides.
  5. Remove your slices from the oven and leave to cool. Don’t worry if they feel a bit tacky at first, they will soon dry out.


Mulled Apple Juice

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

As the weather in the UK has started to get cold and chilly in the lead up to Christmas there's nothing better than a hot beverage to warm you up... but why not warm up and be festive? As someone who doesn't drink alcohol I have created this perfect none alcoholic "mulled cider" using apple juice in place of cider... or if you prefer you can do exactly the same using non-alcoholic cider or cider it's entirely up to you! So there is my perfect mulled apple juice.

Apple juice
Sliced oranges
Cinnamon sticks
Honey and sugar to taste

Add all the ingredients to a pan and allow to simmer for 5- 10 minuets until all the flavours of the ingredients have infused together with the apple juice, then sweeten to your liking with honey and sugar.

When it comes to serving the hot mulled apple juice a classic mug or cup works just fine, but I like to use a apple with the top chopped off and then hollowed out as the cup and like to garnish the drink with a fresh cinnamon stick and a star anise. This is really simple to do but I think it really adds something to the drink and gives it a modern rustic look. Also once you've finished drinking your mulled apple juice you can even eat the apple cup afterwards - Heston Blumenthal, watch out ;)

Home Decor

DIY - Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

Thursday, December 03, 2015

If you want to make something unique and cute for your Christmas tree in the lead up to Christmas, then try making felt Christmas tree decorations. They are super easy to make and you can design or make anything you want and they always look lovely on the tree! It's also a very family friendly activity so if you have children you can even get them involved in making them too as you can either sew the felt pieces together or glue them together using PVA glue. As you can see I have included photo's of some felt decorations I have made to give you some inspiration!

 If you decided to have a go at making some felt decorations I'd love to see photo's of your creations on my social media - Facebook, Google + or in the comments section below this blog post! GET CRAFTING!


Tuesday, December 01, 2015

DECEMBER is by far one of my most favourite months of the year!

I absolutely LOVE all the December festivities leading up to Christmas! I also really enjoy buying people presents, wrapping them up all pretty and then seeing the joy on my loved ones faces when they open them on Christmas morning!

In the lead up to Christmas I'm going to try and post as many Christmas related post's as I possibly can, along with some DIY's!

so are you all as excited for Christmas as me?

Black Friday

Thursday, November 26, 2015

So tomorrow the Black Friday sales commence, and if you haven't already started your Christmas shopping yet then the Black Friday sales are definitely a good starting point as you can pick up some great deals on a wide range of things!

So what deals are where this year? Well I'm going to give you the heads up!

Topshop – They’re offering huge discounts of up to 50% off and the great thing about their selection is it’s all relevant for NOW, with sparkly dresses, to cosy jumpers you literally can’t go wrong.

Newlook - New look are extending there black Friday offered throughout the whole weekend and into Cyber Monday offering up to 50% off on selected items.

ASOS – ASOS has gone crazy and is offering deals all over the place, in addition to their usual sale section, where coats are now up to 70% off they are offering 20% off of EVERYTHING until the 1st of Dec. All you have to do is enter the code CYBER at the check out!

Boots - Boots are also joining in Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, with lots of offers both online and in store. So whether you're looking to treat yourself to some new perfume/aftershave or looking for electrical beauty gifts, beauty gifts, camera's ect.. Then boots is definitely worth a visit!

Currys PC world - If you're looking to buy any technology, then you might want to check out currys pc world's black label event, there offering great discounts across their entire store/website


Tips For Clear Skin

Thursday, November 19, 2015

1. It may seem obvious to those of you who are very much into skin care, but for those not in the know, then sleeping with your make up on is a BIG NO NO! Sleeping with make up on not only blocks your pours but can also cause bad acne breakouts. So make sure you're removing your make up at night!

2. Sunscreen isn't just for the beach; make sure you apply SPF before applying make up alternately check that your primer or foundation contains SPF. This protects your skin from sun damage as well as keeping those pesky wrinkles at bay!

3. As the seasons change, so should your skincare. The lightweight moisturiser you use in the summer should be a heavy cream in the winter, as your skin needs more moisture in the colder months.

4. Deep clean your make up brushes every two weeks! The amount of product and bacteria that build up within two weeks is crazy! And the longer you wait to clean your brushes, the longer you're putting bacteria onto your skin causing breakouts. To deep clean your brushes use warm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap.

5. Putting your mobile phone to your face when talking on the phone can also cause breakouts as your phone is covered in bacteria, so make sure you wipe your phone over regularly with an anti-bacterial wipe.

6. Steam and hot water will open the skins pours whilst cold water and air will help to close them. Never apply your make up directly after using a hot flannel on your face or after a hot shower, because when your pours are open they will immediately absorb the make up, clogging your pours. Wait around 10-15 min to apply make up.

7. Try going without makeup for one day a week over the weekend to let your skin breathe.
8. If you're prone to hormonal breakouts, then try to avoid spot treatments and instead use a salicylic acid cleanser all over your entire face.


The Secret To Soft Skin

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The secret to having super soft skin is...

I have mentioned before, in a pervious blog that I always used to use baby oil on my skin after getting out of the shower. I haven't done it for soooo long! Not really sure why I ever stopped using it I guess I just ran out one day and never bothered to re-purchase it or just kept forgetting and then got out of the habit. Either way it doesn't matter now as I have recently started using baby oil again on my skin and honestly I had totally forgot how AMAZINGLY soft it makes your skin feel! - Why on earth did I go so long without using it!?

Basically the key to using baby oil to make your skin hydrated and soft is to apply the oil when the skin is still wet, so I always apply mine immediately after getting out of the shower, BEFORE wrapping myself in a towel! By applying the oil to wet skin and rubbing it in, the water on your skin will act as a carrier for the oil allowing it to penetrate into your skin, whilst at the same time the oil will create a skin barrier locking in the moisture you have applied the oil over to your skin. The effects of this will last longer than any body moisturiser. After applying enough baby oil to your skin your for liking, you can then gently pat dry your skin, - try not to rub yourself dry as you will remove a lot of the oil that you have applied to your skin.

If you don't like the idea of getting oil all over your hands then don't worry at Johnson's do baby oil in a spray bottle which makes it quicker and less messy to use.

If you haven't ever used baby oil on your skin before, I highly recommend you try it out!

John Lewis Christmas 2015 Advert

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm sure by now everybody has seen the John Lewis Christmas advert, and if not where have you been? Hiding under a rock!?

John Lewis always start off the Christmas hype with there amazingly touching adverts, such as last years Christmas advert, Monty the Penguin  and this year is no different with their man on the mood advert!

(brace yourselves, this bog may get deep)

If you're not familiar I will give you some in-sight into the ad;

The advert is about a young girl called Lily, who spends most of her time looking though her family telescope. One night in the run up to Christmas, she spots an old man wearing scruffy clothes and living alone in a little shed on the moon.  Lily watches the man as he goes about his chores, all alone and becomes determined to get something to the moon. She tries to contact the man in a number of different ways, by waving by firing a message into the sky via an arrow, with no joy. Then on Christmas day we see a parcel attached to some helium balloons land at the feet of the old and rather lonely man. It's a present from the girl; a telescope, which he uses to spot her back on earth.

The Advert is set to help raise awareness of the millions of elderly people who over the lead up to and the Christmas period will be alone and for the thousands of elderly people who go months without speaking to anyone. John Lewis and Age UK are partnering up this Christmas to help some of the million older people who will go for a month not speaking to anyone.

This advert really pulls at my heart strings as I have first had experience at watching widowed extended family member who's children have all gown up, left home and have their own lives and don't really bother much with their poor old dad, So I'm fully aware that it happens, but I'm glad to say that we include him as best we can and have him round regularly so he's not completely alone!

This is in no way what so ever a sponsored blog, but just a mere moral obligation to try and help spread the word! If you have family member's young or old who will be alone this Christmas reach out to them and invite them into your home, no one should be left alone and sad over the Christmas period!

I think this advert should also make us think of the homeless over Christmas, as they too are alone and lonely and although they may see people everyday as they wonder the streets they are still alone and incredibly lonely!

Just something to think about, I think most of the time we are all guilty of taking things for granted and we should appreciate what we've got and try our upmost best to help those who aren't as lucky as us always, because you never know when the tables could turn!

 If you could donate some money to either Age UK or a homeless charity in your local area after reading this, then you could be making someone's day/year/Christmas!
(I'm not providing any link to these as it's up you, if you wish or do not wish to donate,
but it would be nice if you could, I know I will be)


Maybelline Lash Sensational

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

After hearing so many good reviews about the Maybelline Lash Sensational, I decided that it was about time that I tried it out for myself! I've now been using this mascara as my go to, for everyday wear for the past two months and I have to say I really LOVE IT!

 A lot of people compared it to the Benefit Roller Lash, and I have to say I totally agree with the majority, this is definitely a dupe product but it's a dupe worth owning!  If you want fabulous looking lashes but cant afford or justify spending the money on the Benefit Roller Lash then this mascara is the one for you at a fraction of the price at only £7.99

So what's so good about this mascara? Well similar to Benefits Roller Lash, Maybelline's Lash Sensational has a rubber bristles on its mascara wand, that vary in size from each end of the wand. Although the Maybelline doesn't have the same little hooks in the bristles of its wand, it still seems to do the same job and helps coat the shorter lashes in the inner corner and lengthen the outer lashes and the small comb like bristles on the underside of the wand, also makes it a precise lower lash mascara.

As I have said, this has been my go to mascara for a couple of months now and I've found that the mascara is very long wearing. I have applied this mascara at 6am and it still looks the same by 10pm whilst also holding the curl of my lashes all day!

The Major difference I have found between Maybelline's Lash Sensational and Benefits Roller Lash is Maybelline's mascara is much more volumising/thickening than Benefits Roller Lash which gives you a more of a defined curl and lengthened fluttery lash look. I think this is due to the fact that the Maybelline's wand is thicker than Benefits so it allows the wand to pick up more product!

Have you tried these mascaras? Which is your favorite?
I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments!

Remember, Remeber the 5th November

Thursday, November 05, 2015

So today is officially bonfire night and as I mentioned in my pervious blog, I attended an early bonfire night and fireworks display on Sunday 1st November so I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you about it today, being as though its bonfire night!

Every year in the town where I live, there is always a huge fireworks display/bonfire night at a large park on the outskirts of the city centre, and it's always fun to go to as there is the added bonus of a fair! And who doesn't love a good fair ground!?

 This year the fair was HUGE with lots of rides and food stands.  I bought some giant marshmallows on a kebab stick, which were covered in milk chocolate and sprinkles - YUM! I'm defiantly going to be making some of these at the weekend as they were so yummy! And of course no bonfire night is complete without a polystyrene cup with mushy peas in! I usually add mice sauce to mine, but they didn't have that option, much to my disappointment! however they still hit the spot!

As well as the fair and food stands Capital FM had a main stage to the left of the bonfire, they were live on the radio reporting on what was going on at the park as well as playing there usual music sets, with the added bonus of local musicians playing live on stage, which gave it that summer festival vibe. The only difference being its winter, it was a bit chilly and dark haha, but everyone was having fun none the less!

 Eventually the time came for them to light the bonfire, everyone counted down from 10...9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and then all of a sudden lots of fireworks shot out from the piled up pallets (which the bonfire was made from) and eventually set the pallets on fire, creating the bonfire... I guess that's one way of doing it although I'm not 100% entirely sure it's a very safe way to start a bonfire- so don't try that at home folks! 

Once the bonfire was lit, there was another live band on stage which played a couple of songs and then once again it was time to count down from 10 for the fireworks display to start. This year they had set all the fireworks to James Bond music and it was very effective and impressive, for example when they played gold finger, all the fireworks going off were gold and in time to the music!

The only downside to the night was, it being incredibly foggy, however the fog did lift a little as the evening progressed, but once the bonfire was lit and the fireworks were going off the sky soon became misty again! All in all though it was a fantastic evening and I enjoyed it!

 Have you got any bonfire night plans? I'd love to know what you do as tradition this time of year!

Goodbye October, Hello November!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Well Halloween is officially over and now were a few days into November.
It's hard to believe that I've not been writing two blog posts a week since may - a whole six months, WOWIE!

After six months of blogging mainly about beauty products, home decor and a bit of fashion, I think I would like to change up my blog occasionally and add in thing's I have been up to and just general chatty posts, along side the beauty, fashion and home decor posts. I'd love to hear what you think about this?

November is a month full of exciting things and I cannot wait! The first of which happened on Sunday 1st November which was an early bonfire night including a HUGE fireworks display, live entertainment, music, and a fair it was pretty awesome! I may do a blog post on it later in the week.

The thing I'm most looking forward to will be happening later this month, I'm going to COMIC-CON.
Although it may not be everybody's cup of tea, I cannot wait! Firstly for the actual experience of going to Comi-Con and seeing what it's like and what's there and secondly, because I'm going to be meeting up with an old friend that I've not seen for EIGHT years! EIGHT BLOOMING YEARS! I swear it was only 2008 like two years ago and suddenly it's almost 2016 - CRAZY! I don't know where all the time has gone, but I'm really looking forward to re-kindling an old friendship!

Maybelline Brow Satin & Brow Drama

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Since coming to the realisation that my eyebrows are sparse and light, I decided to purchase some brow cosmetics to help fill in and spurs up my brows whilst I wait patiently for them to finish re-growing. After asking friends and family for there recommendations, I decided to opt for the Maybelline Brow Satin and the Maybelline Brow Drama, both in the medium brown shade.
These two products together are amazing! The Brow Satin is a 'gel pen' one end and a 'filling powder' the other. I find that my brows look fine when I just the put the powder through them, but I tend to use the pencil end on the front of my eyebrows to draw in hair like strokes and to add definition to where the arch of my brow should be. I then like to set my brows with the Brow Drama, which is basically mascara for your eyebrows, so it makes my actual eyebrow hairs stand out, to get a more natural eyebrow look, and it defiantly works!

I usually apply both of these products with a very light hand as I don't want my eyebrows to look too dark and drawn on especially when applying the Brow Stain powder and pencil. I like adding the Drama over the top, as I feel it colours my lighter eyebrow hairs and blends everything together, making it look very natural.

Both products have amazing staying powder, there's no need to worry about having to sort them out in the middle of the day. I do my eyebrows fist thing in a morning and they last until I go to take my makeup off at night!

What do you use to fill and set your eyebrows?

Eyebrow Deilemma!?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This week I'm going to be focusing on all thing's eyebrows!
 Why is this you may ask!? Well I'm about to tell you!

I've never really got the whole filling in your eyebrows thing, as my eyebrows have never really been a great interest of mine. At least that was until someone recently took a photograph of me and my eyebrows were so light and sparse, it looked like I didn't have any! So if that's not a good enough reason to start paying more attention to my barley visible  and over plucked eyebrows then I don't know what is!

Since then I have spent a number of months (about 3 months) waiting for some of my eyebrow hair re-grow as I have realised the error of all my eyebrow plucking years and even though it's so, so tempting to pluck out all the sparse hairs, that I feel like are out of place I'm trying my upmost best to avoid doing so! (I will get that dream arch and partly shaped eyebrow eventually I'm determined to!)

So where did I go so wrong?
Well like most people in there teenage years, you think skinny eyebrows are the best option, and then you kind of let them get thicker as you get older but they do not have any shape to them what so ever, and you don't have a clue what to do with them anymore so you just keep maintaining them in the same none-shape!? - Yeah pretty much sum's up my eyebrow history!

 I really, really want to get HD brows done, however currently I'm still waiting for the front of my eyebrow to grow back (from plucking it too much at the front) as well as the mid-to-tail of my eyebrow to thicken up/re-grow. I feel like I'm stuck in that awkward middle phase, should I get them done now or wait a while longer, until all my eyebrow hair has fully regrown back!? If I take the plunge now and get them done,  they're not going to look perfect but at least it will be getting them into some sort of shape and I will be able to get advice on how to look after them whilst I'm waiting for eyebrow hairs to grow in, where they are needed.

 If anyone has any advice on this or has gone though a similar eyebrow dilemma,
 then I'd absolutely LOVE to hear from you in the comments section below!

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Mousse

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hello my lovely readers,

I'm sorry things have been a bit slack here lately and I've been putting up blog posts late, I've tried my best to keep everything back-dated so although there technically late going up, you're still getting the same amount of posts! Things have just been a bit crazy around here lately and I've lacked the motivation to keep on top of everything! That said hopefully I can manage to get things back on track and keep up with my regular days of Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Now, let's get back to business! Today I want to talk about another cleansing product, it's been a while! I recently picked up the Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Mousse, usually priced at £3.99 but I managed to pick it up from my local Asda on offer for 89p and being as I can't resist a good bargain, I just had to try it!

Nivea's cleansing mousse is enriched with vitamin E and Hydra IQ which is an active ingredient that they claim naturally helps to hydrate the skin within, as well as hydrate the surface of the skin.
The cleanser isn't harsh on my skin at all and doesn't dry it out or cause it to look or feel tight. Having said that when it comes to us beauty girls we like a cleanser to remove all traces of make up and this definitely does a reasonable job however, it is not something I would rely on completely.

Again, as I mentioned in a previous foam cleanser post, sadly this foam cleanser also contains those pesky surfactants, which basically change the PH balance of your skin, turning your skin more alkaline, which unfortunately means that it makes your skin more susceptible to bacteria. This in tern causes breakouts!  This Nivea Cleansing mousse contains Decyl Glucoside (mild non-ionic surfacent used for sensitive skin)

Upon doing my research of the ingredients this cleansing mousse contains, I feel that I should point out the fact that this cleansing mousse contains Butylphenyl Methylpropional which is a chemical compound which is used in cosmetic preparations for external uses,  such as skin care lotions and it  can sometimes act as an allergen and could cause contact dermatitis in susceptible individuals. It is often appears in the ingredents list as " Butylphenyl Methylpropional" but may also appear as "Lilial" and "lilly aldehyde"
Just something to take into consideration when buying any skincare product containing this as an ingredient, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin!
Overall, this cleanser is good for the price however I do not think I will be repurchasing it once I've emptied the container as I do not feel it does such as good job at removing my make up compared to other foam cleansers I have used.

Have you tried this cleansing mousse? I'd love to hear you're thoughts on it!

Alberto Balsam Sleek & Smooth Nourishing Hair Oil

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm always on the lookout for good beauty bargains, and recently Alberto Balsam has released a new range. So naturally when I saw them on offer at Asda for only £1, I couldn't resist popping a couple of items into my trolley!  I purchased the Alberto Balsam Nourishing Hair Oil and Also the Alberto Balsam Stunning Shine Spray. However today I'm just going to talk about the hair oil as I've yet to try the shine spray.

I've never used hair oil in my hair before, so I must admit I was a tad apprehensive about using it, as I thought it would make my hair greasy. On the bottle it says it can be used on wet or day hair, so I've been using it on dry hair and I have to admit, I wasn't let down. I was expecting it to make my hair clump together and look greasy. Surprisingly it didn't, and for my hair that's quite an achievement as products often makes my hair greasy super easily!

When applying the product I used two pumps of the oil, rubbed it in my palms and then applied to my hair from the middle lengths to the ends. I did this to one side of my hair to begin with to compare the difference the first time I used it, and I couldn't believe how lightweight the oil was and it left my hair not only smooth but also shiny and smelling lovely!!

So overall I am extremely impressed and I have been applying the oil to my hair once or twice a week since.

Have you tried this hair oil? If not can you recommend any other hair oils?
 I'd love to try out some others, so leave your suggestions in the

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's always nice to gain inspiration from the internet before deciding what to do with your pumpkins, before carving into or decorating them. So I just thought I'd share with you all some inspiring pumpkin pictures I have found and will be using as my inspiration this year!
Image Courtsy of
Image Coutrtsy of
Image courtesy of Pintrest

Image courtesy of

Image Courtsy of

Image courtesy of

Ghostly Lantern String Lights DIY

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

With just over two weeks until Halloween, today I wanted to give you some DIY Halloween decoration ideas. I'm pretty sure everyone likes sting lights so; today I'm going to show you a quick and easy way of making an illuminated ghostly garland. These are perfect for hanging on your mantle!

These are super easy and super quick to make, you will need the following;

Strand of white lantern lights
2 meters of white fabric
white string
black sharpie

Firstly cut ten 14"/36cm squares from the white fabric, then fold them into a triangle and cut the tip off to create a hole in the centre of the square. Then very carefully remove the lantern from the light bulb, then thread one of the squares of fabric over the light bulb and then replace. Repeat this for all the lights.

Once you have places the fabric squares over all the lanterns, you then want to tie a piece of string around the bottom of each lantern sphere to hold the fabric in place in order to form the head of your ghost.  Once you have completed repeating this for all the lights, you then want to take your black sharpie and draw a ghostly face on each head. Then, place the lights where ever you want inside or outside of your house and turn them on! Simple as that!

Rimmel Clear Complection Clarifing Powder

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Don't you love Boots 3 for 2 offers? You go in for one specific thing and come out of the shop with two extra items you weren't aware you even needed? I'm sure everyone gets drawn in with boots great offers!  (Sorry bank balance!) Well, the Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder is one of them!

I've tried a lot of powders in the past, but I never tend to stick to the same one longer than 2-3 repurchases, currently my favourite is Rimmels Lasting Finish powder which I was about to re-purchase, but then I spotted this one and thought it sounded enticing! A powder that clarifies skin and minimize breakouts?! Sounds too good to be true, right?! The powder claims to  prevents breakouts  with it's Pureskin Complex, however I've noticed since using the powder,  I've had two spot appear in my eyebrow. So I cannot say I'm not 100% convinced on it's anti-breakouts front.

 I always use powders on top of my light coverage liquid foundation and I've  never used a translucent powder before. When buying a powder, I usually match it to my liquid foundation, as I feel it build's up coverage without thickly applying layers of foundation to get a good coverage. I feel that this one with it being translucent gives a very natural no make up appearance, which is fine for a day time look. However on
nights out, I would  want use a different powder that gives the appearance of a fuller coverage, but this one is a nice addition to my make up collection and one that I've been frequently reaching for during the day.

 As powder goes on translucent, there's no colour in it so it's like a one-shade-fits-all type of thing, which is a good thing because you don't have to spend ages trying to find the perfect shade to match you (or frustratingly, get it wrong and waste money).

So in a round up, The Clear Complexion Powder is perfect for every day wear because it's not heavy or cakey. It minimizes shine and with a light brush sweep, it will mattify the areas of your face which are inconveniently glossy - so that would be an oily T-Zone for me! Depending on how much you apply to your face, it can last up to 3-5 hours but sometimes I would find myself re-applying after 2. It doesn't last very long on the skin which is a little frustrating as with my usual Rimmel Lasting Finish powder I only apply it in a morning and it last's all day!

Baking Swirl Cupcakes!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

On Sunday, I decided to do some baking! Baking id always something I do more in the winter months, not really sure why... I guess it's just a comfort, home baked food kind of thing! Anyway I made some vanilla and chocolate swirl cupcakes and they were AMAZING! (Even if I do say so myself) so today I thought I'd mix things up a bit again and give all you lovely people my swirl cupcake recipe!

Now the most brilliant thing about swirl cakes is that you DO NOT have to make a vanilla cupcake batter and a chocolate cupcake batter, you just simply make a vanilla sponge batter and then add coco powder to part of its batter. This in turn means, less dishes, less time, less stress!

The vanilla batter is all mixed together in a matter of minuets and once you've put an equal amount of vanilla batter into each cupcake case, you simply add the coco powder to the remaining batter, with a small amount of milk, mix and then add even amounts on top of the vanilla into the cupcake cases.

The marbling/swirling part isn't tricky at all. All you will need is a cocktail stick and gently swirl together the vanilla and chocolate batter, and this is what gives the cupcakes the swirl/marbled pattern.


110g unsalted butter at room temperature110g caster sugar2 medium free range eggs1stp vanilla extract110g self raising flour1-2 tbsp milk

30g coco powder and 1-2tbsp milk (to be added to half the vanilla mixture)
140g unsalted butter at room temperature208g icing sugar1-2 tbsp milk
30g coco powder and 1-2tsb milk (to be added to half the mixture)

Preheat oven to 180C/350F
Cream together butter and sugar until pale. Beat in the eggs a little at a time and stir in the vanilla extract
Fold in the flour using a large metal/wooden spoon and then equally divide half the mixture between 12 cupcake cases.
To the remaining vanilla batter, add coco powder and milk and mix, then divide equally between the cupcake cases
swirl together the mixtures using a cocktail stick
Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until skewer inserted into cakes comes out clean
set aside to cool for 10 minuets
For the butter cream icing, beat together the butter in a large bowl until soft and then add half the icing sugar and beat until smooth
Add the remaining icing sugar with one table spoon of milk and mix until the mixture is smooth and creamy.
Spoon half of the mixture into a piping bag with a star nozzle
now add the coco powder and a small amount of milk to the remaining frosting mixture and mix
Spoon the chocolate icing on top of the butter icing and then swirl together
Finally pipe your cupcakes and decorate as you wish.



Hello October

Thursday, October 01, 2015

GOSH, it's the 1st October already? I know what you're all thinking...
what happened to September? It just flew by, in the blink of an eye!

image courtesy of Pintrest
Well I for one LOVE the Autumn/Winter months and today I thought I'd share with you a few thing's I'm really looking forward to;

The evenings getting darker - Personally I actually like it as the nights start drawing in as we get further into autumn.

Conkers - As they bring back so many childhood memories.

- not necessarily the dressing up part, but I love carving pumpkins and eating lots of sweets!

Autumn Leaves - Going out on a cold foggy/frosty morning and walking across a field of leaves that crunch under foot! Also the colour of Autumn leaves before they fall of the tree's reds, oranges and browns.

Hot Chocolate - YUM! I cannot wait until it's officially cold enough to drink hot chocolate!

Hats, Gloves, Scarves and Boots - I think all these things combined just make you feel really cosy and toasty on a cold morning!

Bonfire night/firework displays - I mean who doesn't like attending a bonfire/firework displays?!

Candles - Preferably candles that smell of cinema and apple - basically anything that smells of CHRISTMAS!

Oversized/chunky knit jumpers - For me this really has to be done every A/W season!

Putting the fire on - making the room all warm and cosy!

Duvet Days - Days where the fire id on, you drag down you're duvet off your bed and sit on the sofa under it watching movies!
and finally,

The feeling that Christmas is Approaching - I absolutely love Christmas (so as we get closer expect a lot of Christmas related blog posts!)

What are you excited for around this time of the year?



Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protection

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Heat Protection is important as it stops your hair getting damaged when using heat styling tools, such as blow drier, strightners and curlers. So today I thought I'd do a post on Pro Styling Heat Protection Spray, which I have been using for quite a long time now.
First of all I love the applicator as it is easy to use and the spray is evenly distributed across the hair with just one spray. However I tend to section my hair and spray the underneath, middle and top before styling my hair.

The spray can be used on either wet or dry hair which is great!  I tend to use this on damp hair before blow drying as I use other products that contain heat defence on dry hair for styling.

I also love how you can see how much of the product is actually left in the bottle, unlike some other brands which aren't in clear bottles making it hard to judge how much product you have left without unscrewing the top and peering down the bottle.

The only downside to the product is the smell, which smells quite chemically but, I don't necessarily think this is a bad point as it doesn't leave the horrible smell on your hair, its just you notice it when you've first sprayed the product.

If you don't use heat protection on your hair, I would definitely suggest investing in some. It improves the condition of your hair, and of course protects from any further heat damage!